Apple seriously working on artificial intelligence


According to the information that appeared in the media, Apple is working on a processor dedicated to performing tasks that are concerned only with artificial intelligence.

The chip, which is within the company known as Apple’s nervous motor, would enable devices that perform tasks normally carried out by users, such as facial recognition or voice. Apple, as always, these allegations declined to comment.

The engineers at Apple to compete with Amazon and Alphabet in the race to dominate the growing field of artificial intelligence. Although Siri Apple gave an early advantage, competitors have since begun to aggressively develop artificial intelligence, such as Amazon Echo and Google’s House Digital Assistant. Developing a process of this type would allow Apple devices perform more advanced tasks.

“The technologies on which Apple based its future investments depend on artificial intelligence,” said Gene Munster, an analyst formerly of Apple, and concluded that “in the center of augmented reality and cars that drive themselves, artificial intelligence.”

Apple devices tasks related to artificial intelligence now performed using two different chips: a single processor and a graphics chip. The new chip would allow Apple to task switch module which is specifically designed for them, and thereby improve battery performance.

This chip is also designed to eventually improve the hardware devices, and the company plans to integrate into many of their devices, including iPhone and iPad. Apple is reportedly testing iPhone prototypes that contain a chip, but it is still not clear whether the chip will be able to use before the end of this year.

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