Battle for the Internet is lost

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The founder of the network to exchange data Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, is not optimistic about the idea of ​​”free access”, because, he claims, the battle is already lost.

“The Internet is now broken. He always was, but now more than ever,” said Sunde, adding that he is not optimistic
In fact, in recent months the culture downloading content from the Internet is showing signs of defeat, and last month lost the largest torrent search engine “Demonii”, which is used by 50 million people.

Although it seems that the torrents are still struggling, Sunde claims that the situation has been resolved:

“We have already lost!” He says.

Sunde in 2003, along with Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartolm, founded the site Pirate Bay, that for a short time the site has become the largest and most popular site for sharing files.

In a very controversial trial, Peter and two other founders were convicted in 2009 for “helping others in copyright infringement”, for which he served a prison sentence.

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