The smartphone will become history

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President Corporate Communications and Vice President of Huawei Chen Lifang, spoke about future technology trends.

Chen already 23 years working in the company Huawei in prominent positions revealed that in the near future, more precisely in the next 5 years, the company’s goal to work on the improve and the introduction of 5G networks, strengthening the Cloud, but the work on SmartCity projects around world.

However, when it comes to the farther future of the next big step that is expected technology are intelligent phones.

– The smartphone is a tool that does the simple things, but in the future smart phones will be your personal assistant. Also, it is possible that the factors that make today’s phones have some other kind when the order came to intelligent phones.

And when can we expect that future?

– The point is timing. There are companies that are wound produced on the smartphone, as there was no time, not even the market is not adequately respond to them. Huawei entered the market in a precise manner when smartphones were becoming trend and is therefore able to achieve rapid growth – concluded the Vice President of Huawei.

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