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Singing in the shower is a habit of many, and with the new waterproof shower Bidet4me Music Showerhead with Bluetooth speakers, it is now possible to listen to music in the shower or to speak to someone on the phone.

Apart from the convenience of listening to music in high quality and without noise, this shower saves up to 30 percent of the water, making it even more special.

Bluetooth speakers built into the shower can be connected at a distance of ten meters with any device that has this connection. If you need to answer the call while you shower, the music will stop itself, and you can call by pressing the button on the shower. During the conversation you can continue showering, and the microphone built into the shower will keep your voice clean regardless of the noise of the water.

The Bidet4me Music Shower Shower battery lasts about eight hours and is charged via the usual USB cable. The shower costs about $ 32, and those who want a complete set with attachments and holders can get it for $ 90 or $ 150. Shower can be ordered via internet advertisers or purchased directly in equipped home appliance stores.


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