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After a series of speculation and rumors about the various details of the future Apple smartphone, many pocket-tech enthusiasts have decided for the next level – to reach the most reliable model.

One of them is Marques Brownlee who managed to come up with a model of the future iPhone 8 that was created on the basis of all more or less confirmed rumors. Without internal components, such models often help to create masks and armor for devices.

The first difference compared to the iPhone 7 is a display covering over 90 percent of the front of the device. Also, what is interesting is the section on the top that is reserved for the handset and sensors, which therefore takes away a smaller piece of the display and creates an unusual visual detail.

What is also interesting is the introduction of a glass background on the device. Namely, the iPhone 8 will most likely have wireless capability that requires removal of metal.

It is still unclear whether iPhone will hold the finger scanner or will completely switch to unlock the device by identifying the face of the user.

The iPhone 8 will most likely be introduced in September.


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