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Nick Weaver, the CEO of the American startup, designed a unique WiFi system that provides connectivity in remote locations, and came up with an idea due to frequent calls from parents who complained about the loss of connectivity.

The result of his “frustrations” was the Eero WiFi device that makes the Internet network faster and easier to manage, and the American media writes that Eero is much more beautiful than standard routers.

It is a network WiFi system that instead of one router, which is getting weaker as a person moves away from him, works on the principle of connecting cells to “cover” the entire space.

The media report that the device resembles Apple’s products, it can be configured via smartphones and automatically installs and updates security settings.

The price of an Eero package that can “cover” an apartment or a smaller house ranges from $ 460 to $ 499, and for larger areas, the company also offers a two-piece set that works perfectly.

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