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Breaking the display could soon become a past because British scientists invented a jet-proof, flexible display of silver and graphene. Scientists from the University of Sussex have discovered that it is possible to combine graphene – a material made of a single layer of carbon atoms, with silver nanowires to make a display that looks familiar but more resistant.

In addition, this material is very flexible, which means that the smartphone should not have a protective glass because the top layer of the display will be made of a material that is more flexible and less fragile.

“The current displays are made of indium potassium oxide (ITO), ie ternary composition of indium, tin and oxygen in different proportions, this material is very brittle and must be applied to a strong and hard glass surface, this layer fires if you drop the phone on a hard surface or by accidentally sit on it.With our invention, hard glass surfaces will not be needed because our coats of silver nanoparticles and graphene are very flexible, thanks to which it is less likely that your display will break if it falls, “said Matthew Large, chief researcher at project.

Although silver is a rare metal, in combination with graphene, a small amount of coating is required. Graphite, the material from which the graphene is made, is in large quantities, which means that the cost of the display should be much smaller.



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