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At the beginning of the year, Facebook launched its first initiative, which, through cooperation with news agencies and training for journalists, wanted to increase the quality of journalistic articles. Now they announced the introduction of the Trust Indicator.

This is a trust indicator through which users can find out more about the publisher of articles split into Facebook. Trust Indicator was created in cooperation with Trust Project, an international association of news portals that aims to increase reliability in the media.

The confidence indicators will thus provide more information to the users about the media house that has shared the news, its ethical policy, the verification of facts, the past corrections of the texts, and the ownership structure of the company.

The media will add this information to their Brand Asset Library within Facebook, or to the database of the company itself. Initially, a new feature will be available for a smaller number of media outlets, with a gradual expansion.

The management of Facebook believes that with this information it will help people in getting meaningful contextual information, through which they can determine whether the article and the media are credible. This will continue the battle against false news and disinformation on Facebook.

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