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The Synaptics company has announced that it has solved the problem of integrating the fingerprint sensor on the screens and that it has begun manufacturing for one big company, which is Vivo.

Analyst Patrick Moorhead had the opportunity to see Vivo’s smartphone pre-release version, which features a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen. According to him, the sensor is simple and fast, twice as fast as 3D Face Detection Technology like Apple’s Face ID technology. However, it is difficult to measure realistically due to the various mechanisms that the systems use in practice.

Integrating fingerprint sensors on screens is the way of introducing biometric identifiers on mobile phones with all-screen design. Apple has earlier dropped the fingerprint sensor for the iPhone X just because the device has an edge-to-edge screen.

Vivo’s decision to use Synaptics technology is a significant blow to Qualcomm, which is also working on developing this technology. Vivo earlier this year introduced Qualcomm’s prototype screen with a fingerprint sensor, but this technology was a slow one.

Vivo is not the first name in the world of big smartphone manufacturers but is definitely one of the biggest brands. This technology will help him make new progress.

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