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After the option revealing to the users who parked the car or advising them when to go, Google Maps added another useful option that is ideal for travelers who like to sleep or are often conceived in public transport. The app will now send them a notice to get closer to their destination.

This little widget already has other navigation applications, such as CityMapper.

It is expected that Google’s new option will greatly facilitate the travel of public transport users who are easier to relax or are more relieved than those on the wheel. The focus is on Android, but it’s also possible to get notifications on iOS version of Google Maps.

Remind, Google Maps has introduced an app that routes users through the streets in the summer, helping to avoid traffic jams and advising users when it is the best time to go. Something earlier gave users the opportunity to help find a parked car, while last year decided to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to help them search for accessible places when they are concerned with facilities such as hotels and restaurants.

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