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Google has chosen Android’s users to give a 12-day discount on apps, books, games, and series. The company’s vacant discount called “12 days of the game”.

The discount began on December 22 and will last until January 2. The offer includes $ 0.99, four-month free Google Play music and 50 percent discount on the first three months of subscription to DisneyLife and HBO Now. Current discounts are similar to those offered for Black Friday.

Some premium games have been down to 80 percent, including Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Final Fantasy Tactics. There are also discounts on PokemonGO and CandyCrush.

TV series are down to 50 percent, and there are Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. If you are a bookworm, Google offers 75 percent discount on selected titles. AndroidAuthority notices that Google Play offers $ 5 a credit for each purchased book that costs more than $ 5.

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