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The popular application for WhatsApp will no longer support the operating systems of Blackberry OS and Windows Phone.

WhatApp “turns back” older operating systems for mobile phones as it ends in 2017. More specifically, blackberry operating system support, including Blackberry 10, as well as Windows Phone 8.0 and older versions, is abolished. This move to WhatsApp has been announced for December 31st.

Although WhatsApp will still work on these platforms, users will not be able to open new orders or verify existing ones. However, it was warned that the application could lose its basic functions at any moment.

In the last few months, WhatsApp has introduced several new options, including quick message deleting, live site tracking, and new universal emoticons, but it seems that older platforms do not have the ability to allow the company to move forward.

WhatsApp has previously extended the deadline for Blackberry 10 support, but now it is definitely over.

Users of Windows Phone 8.1 and later have no reason to worry.

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