The most popular operating system in the world is Google Android

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In the last 12 months, from December 2016 to December of this year, the most popular operating system in the world is Google’s Android, which holds 38.85 percent of the market, according to global analytics company Global Stats.

Although Microsoft’s dominant position for years has dominated with Windows, everything has changed with the expansion of mobile devices and the ever-increasing use of mobile platforms over desktop computers and portable devices, so Windows slid to a second position with 37.2 market shares.

Third place is Apple’s iOS mobile operating system with 13.14 percent market share, while Apple’s fourth-place position with its MacOS and OS X desktop operating systems, installed on 5.21 percent of the device.

The fifth position offers a view of “unknown”, with 2,73 percent just unknown operating system detected as the main option on many devices.

Some of the Linux distributions are at 0.77 percent of the device, while 2.1 percent are some of the other operating systems. The trend of domination of mobile operating systems will almost certainly continue next year.

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