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Having discovered a major security flaw that affected most of Intel’s processor users yesterday, the company announced a statement that things would soon be repaired.

The year in the computer world did not start well – it was discovered that numerous processors in our computers have a hardware bug that malicious applications can allow access to personal data from our computers. The whole thing exploded yesterday and the interpretations are not yet sufficiently precise to assure with certainty the extent of the damage and potential hazards, but the problem is present and you are probably affected, especially if you are using an Intel processor, either manufactured in the last ten years.

The good news is that security flaws are likely to be borne by updating Windows, Linux and Mac, and it’s very fast. The bad news is that the issue is very likely to be of a hardware nature and that software patching will have some consequences on your processor. There are 5-30% slowdowns in the processor, which could affect the performance of the video game player.

However, no one can say with certainty exactly how much the software patch will have on the processors. Intel reported on this issue with a fairly measured release for the public in which it claims that the problem is not in their processors, that is, the hardware themselves.

Intel says they are at risk of different types of processors in their analysis and in cooperation with AMD and ARM Holdings and Microsoft are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The statement also claims that the average user of the personal computer is not in great danger, which is ultimately the truth, because this problem can do the most damage on the servers. Intel admits that a certain slowdown after patches will indeed be, but that it will depend on the application to the application. More information will be revealed next week when solutions for the situation arise.

AMD, on the other hand, claims that the architecture of their processors does not allow such security vulnerabilities. However, in the meantime, there have been allegations that AMD users are also affected by the problem, and it is not known whether the software update will also have the consequences on the performance of AMD’s processors.

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