The five most anticipated games that come in 2018

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Most of the games in 2018 will be the sequels of the existing series, and among them there are five pieces that we expect for some time.


Mass exodus is in progress, full buses leave the post-apocalyptic country called! You hear that scenario every day, but a similar premise still has a better foothold in the new Metro series game. However, in the new Metro, instead of the bus, a train called Aurora will drive us, which Arty’s will try to translate the remains of the survivors into a better life.

The Metro would not be a Metro that does not look nice for the fingers to lick, but it would not be a Metro without the sequenced sequences. Although the first seems to be that this shooter is going to open-world design, 4A Game emphasizes that Exodus is not a completely non-linear game, but only has a slightly higher level than previous games. Within them there were dynamic systems of weather (un) opportunities and changes of day and night, therefore we will have to plan well from now on Artyom’s expeditions so that we will not be in an unknown territory in the middle of the dark.

Metro will shoot, but if you fear a mutant in 2018, you will be able to find something more colorful entertainment with Crackdown 3.


Imagine how we used to be unusual for Disney’s characters to be in the same game with Square Enix characters. Today in Disney’s Wonders Squirrel are not just square Enix figures but the vast majority of others, from Iron Man to Homer Simpson. But, no matter what you think about this megacorporation, the Kingdom Hearts series has already proven to be a quality party for action RPG fans, and the third part is waiting since it was announced in mid-2015.

If you are not familiar with Kingdom Hearts, most of the games are now available on the PS4 console, so before coming out you will fall in love with them. And for the trio, you really do not need much as soon as you see this as one of the most represented Japanese games that we had seen in the current generation of consoles.

Every honor of Shilli, but if you are not a fan of Japanese cuisine, we suggest you pay attention to the magic platform Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


State of Decay was a rough diamond that you probably would not say it sold in nearly five million copies. This success guaranteed the development of a major sequel, which in 2018 will be one of the most prominent zombie-apocalypse games … unless Valve announces the L4D3 because everything then falls into the water.

Actually, we do not know much about the game itself. We know that in a four-member tandem, we will devastate already devastated settlements in search of objects that would help us mend zombies and survive long enough to see another sunrise. A bit stereotypical scenario, but since this is about the Xbox Play Anywhere title, it means that the forces will be able to team up the players on the PC and the Xbox One console, so we hope that matchmaking will not leave us alone in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are definitely not for everyone, so Ubisoft’s Crew has something for everyone – whether it’s racing cars, engines, cars, planes, speedboats or ships.


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was one of the late PS3 exclusives that have never been portrayed on the PlayStation 4. So many players jumped over this pearl of Japanese animation. Fortunately, Ni no Kuni 2 will be able to play a larger number of players because the sequel to the PS4 comes for the PC, after numerous delays that have moved from 2017.

We would not want to tell you this story in advance because it would sound crazy to you. It’s about the tribe of a mouse and a cat in a town called Ding Dong Dell. Already in this sentence you see the Japanese imagination that you either love or hate. Fortunately for new players, the story goes on for hundreds of years after the original, so knowledge of previous events will not be key to understanding this sequel.

You like Japanese, but is this your childish? Valkyria Chronicles 4, after a long pause in 2018, will continue its alternative clash following the Great World War.


The Monster Hunter series has never been particularly noticeable in the Western market and has mainly focused on portable platforms. Nevertheless, the series managed to become the third most profitable Capcom franchise, and the Japanese publisher wants to attract more fans to the new edition. According to the name, MHW will be the first game in a series with a somewhat more open world, and will go out at the same time in all markets, at the best-selling home consoles of this generation, and later on the PC.

In Monster Hunter, we will logically hunt monsters. Unlike previous titles, the focus here will be on a cooperative hunt with three more players. To catch all dinosaurs and other beasts, we will need about 50 hours of play, if not more, which will make MHW one of the first big games in 2018.

If you are a PC player and you do not have to wait for Monster Hunter until the fall, you are likely to get the exclusive Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord before and catch the other species.





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