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Google has deleted 60 games from the Play Store, most of which were intended for children, after the Check Point security company detected a bug that displayed pornographic content while opening them.

Some of the games under the influence of the bug were those that were downloaded over a million times, such as the Five Nights Survival Craft or the McQueen Car Racing Game based on Disney’s character from “Cars”. As children’s parents described in their criticisms on Google Play, children appeared on mobile phones with a bunch of heavy pornographic photos and video content.

Malicious bug is called Adult Swine, and Check Point says this computer error, featuring inappropriate and pornographic ads, tries to deceive users to install fake security applications. Bug also offers users to sign up for premium services that fill their account.

“We removed apps from the Play Store, disable developer accounts, and keep alerting all those who have previously installed the games. We appreciate the work of Check Point, which helped us to ensure the safety of our users,” Google said in a statement to the US media.

When a malicious bug manages to enter the cell phone, he waits for the user to unlock the device to start malicious activity. Bug often hides its icon in order for users to find and remove it more difficult.

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