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Google announced that it intends to expand its cloud services to five new regions and to create three new underwater cables to meet the capacity needs of this service.

Google’s Cloud platform is already functional in thirteen regions. Including Tokyo, Taiwan, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, London, Belgium, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Oregon, Iowa, North Virginia and South Carolina. It is estimated to be 25 percent of total internet traffic.

The platform will expand to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Montreal, Holland and Finland. This means that companies in these regions that use the Google Cloud Platform for the capacity of their servers will have better performance and less server disruptions. Google says that people living in these regions have reasons to be excited.

Google will take part in the construction of three new underwater cables in 2019. Users of the services that will be connected to these cables will have a faster and better Google Cloud Platform and G Suite services. This is the result of increased network capacity and connectivity.

These cables will join existing ones, of which there are eight, to which Google directly invested. Google also invested in Indigo, linking Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. He also invested in a PLCN that connects Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Both services will be in operation from 2019.

Curie Cable will connect California and Chile and is the only one Google owns privately. Google will become the first non-telecommunications company to make a private intercontinental cable. They will have full control over the design of the Curie cable, as well as over the construction.

The company also works closely with Facebook. Collaborates with Aqua Comms, a company engaged in the production of an underwater network. But also the Bulk Infrastructure industry group on the Havfrue cable that will connect the eastern US coast with Denmark and Ireland.

Conglomerate chose TE Connectivity to produce cable. TE Connectivity is already working on finding the best cable route.

Google works with RTI Connectivity and NEC Corporation on the HK-G Cable Cable. They will connect Hong Kong and Guam, which will allow the expansion of the communications network between Asia and the United States.




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