Facebook will give priority to sources of reliable news

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The leaders of the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, announced that according to the results of their users’ surveys, they will determine the priorities of news feeds in the news feed. Sources of credible news will be an advantage in appearance.

This step follows a major change in the way news feeds work in the fight against the spread of false news and propaganda.

They also announced from Facebook that they want to base themselves on highlighting “personal moments that interact with one another”, noting that posts by companies, brands and the media are pushing out these content.

The first man of the company that has more than two billion users Mark Zuckerberg has announced polls to determine which media outlets are considered to be credible because, as he says, in today’s world too sensationalism, disinformation and division.


1 thought on “Facebook will give priority to sources of reliable news

  1. Finally, I’m sick of fake news. Don’t get me wrong, fb is great, but thanks to them we have so many fake news today, it’s hard to believe what is real. Propaganda is powerful tool, and unfortunately people tend to believe fake news.

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