Facebook created a new time unit

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Facebook launched a new “product” on Monday – a unit of time called flicks. Allegedly, it is the smallest unit of time that is larger than nanosecond and is defined as 705.600.000. part of a second.

For comparison, the nanosecond is a billionth of a second, which means that the flick is 1.41723356 nanoseconds long.

You’re probably wondering why this unit of time is and what faltered with a regular way of measuring time. Namely, flick is the combination of the word “frame” and “tick” (frame and moment) which represents the number of frames (picture frame) in the unit of time.

Thanks to the flick, the number of frames can be displayed without decimals and synchronized with established frame number standards in, say, games.

Programmers already use flick to create codes within C ++, and have proved to be very useful when creating visual effects, or CGI. The idea of creating a flick originates from 2017 when it was proposed by developer Christopher Horvath.

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