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Salesforce Sales Manager Marc Benioff believes that the use of Facebook and other addictive technology products should be regulated in the same way as using tobacco because it is contaminated to the same extent.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Benioff said that, as Facebook draws the attention of people who are constantly returning, the approach used for tobacco products should be used for its use, or to emphasize to users that it can be harmful.

“The same principle should apply – this is a product, cigarettes, they cause addiction, they are not good for you, there may be various forces that try to convince us of something, there are many parallels, which is certain that technology provokes different types of addictions, Benioff said.

This type of regulation of using Facebook is not possible without the involvement of governments, but it is unlikely that anyone will really approach the realization of Bennioff’s proposal. The idea of ​​regulating the technology industry in America emerged after the story emerged that Russia had influenced presidential elections through an online platform.

Otherwise, Salesforce provides cloud storage services.

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