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At the end of March, we are expecting a new generation of Huawei smartphones from the P series, of which one model should have the latest three cameras.

The attention of smartphone lovers, at the world’s largest mobile fair, will primarily be directed towards Samsung and new Galaxy S phones, which the company will present on 25 February in Barcelona.

A couple of days later, Huawei will also prepare its novelties, which will present a new generation of smartphones from the P series at a Paris conference. After praising the P10 and P10 Plus models, the next generation should be named P20 rather than P11 (the predecessors of the “tens” were P8 and P9), which in this company want to emphasize the great novelties and advances they are preparing with the upcoming generation of smartphones .

The Huawei P20 should therefore be the world’s first phone with three ultimate 40MP resolution cameras with five hybrid zoom (optical and digital) and a 24MP self-timer camera. As in the case of previous models, all cameras will be made in cooperation with Leica, which guarantees the quality of the photos.

The Model Plus has a six inch diagonal screen, driven by the Kirin 970 processor and Google’s Android 8.1 Oreo mobile operating system.

With the new generation of P phones, however, Huawei will not track one of the biggest trends in the market – a screen with no edges, as it will have a box on the lower part of the phone below the screen, according to Forbes.

Thanks to the excellent phones, Huawei has taken a solid third place in the market in recent years, but their plans are much larger because in the future they want to shake off both Apple and Samsung in order to become the global leader in the market.

To achieve this plan, a new generation of P-series phones should be helped by three models: P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite. The question remains whether the P20 and P20 Lite will have the last three cameras or this option will only be reserved for the largest model.

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