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Apple employees move into the new headquarters worth five billion dollars. This is a campus called Apple Park, and the employees shared the first photos of the interior of this imposing object on the instagram.

Apple Park covers an area of ​​708,200 square meters and has space for 12,000 employees.

The entrance to the popular “ring” is still allowed only to employees of Apple and especially invited guests.

The company’s enthusiastic employees at Instagram shared the first photos of the interior of the imposing facility and new workplace.

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, compared the new space ship’s seat when he proposed building it to the 2011 Cupertin Council. His interest in design influenced the look of the building.

Jobs died in October 2011, and an honorary amphitheater with 1,000 seats was built, called “Steve Jobs Theater”.

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The 17 megawatt solar panel will be one of the largest in the world, and the building will have natural ventilation.

Because of the design, heating or cooling will not be required during the nine months of the year.

Apple Park owns nearly 9000 trees and a walkway for more than three kilometers, and employees will be able to practice in the gym.


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