Not all athletes will receive the Olympic edition of Samsung’s Note 8

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All athletes participating in the Winter Olympics from Samsung will receive a special Olympic edition of the Galaxy Note 8, but not the North Korean athletes.

The reason the North Koreans will not get their device are UN sanctions. Without the smartphone, there will be athletes from Iran for the same reason.

This year, Samsung has produced a special Olympic version of the Note 8 to be won by athletes and organizers.

Since South Korea’s Note 8 costs $ 920, it’s clear that the Olympic edition will be more expensive. This device can be considered a luxury goods that North Korea has banned from UN sanctions. It can also be considered a dual-use product, because it can also be used for military purposes.

In the past few years, many countries have imposed sanctions on North Korea and Iran mainly for weapons testing. The United Nations has recently adopted even sharper sanctions that have been in force since December.

As a long-time sponsor of the Olympic Games, Samsung has been taking care of mobile phones since 1997. Last year, he released the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition for the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. The limited model was decorated with olympiad colors, it had a yellow home button, a red button for ignition and extinguishing, a green button for volume and a blue frame in the camera. This year’s Olympic model has a black front and a white back side.

In 2016, North Korean athletes also could not receive the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, because their Olympic Committee took away the devices. North Korean law prohibits GPS devices and uncensored access to high-speed Internet. Samsungov’s logo is also banned.

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