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Google has a lot of work to get all the users to get the latest version of Android called Oreo, but at the same time it works on the next OS, Android P.

One of the main goals of Android P is to improve the look of the software to make it more attractive to current users of Apple iPhone in the hope that they will go to Google’s platform. Attractive software design could help smartphones with Android to stand out in the market this year, especially since Apple said it intends to run a big redesign next year, focusing on the performance and reliability of iOS 12.

Google is also working on an enhanced operating system that will be more suited to the new sleek smartphone design, as well as on two-screen devices and mobile phones with flexible screens running Samsung.

Google’s plans include deeper integration of Google Assistant, and could allow developers to directly integrate Assistant into their own applications.

Google will announce Android P probably in March, and a bit more detailed introduction is expected in May. The software will be available to users on the cheapest. It’s hard to believe that most current devices with Android, except Google Pixel, will actually get Android P.

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