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Ten years or more ago, computers mostly had a media player called Winamp, which was extremely popular, and now its web version is available.

Winamp was very widespread, and by 2001, it had more than 60 million users before iTunes, VLC and others had interfered.

However, this player has not been updated since 2013, but developer Jordan Eldredge of San Francisco has developed his web version.

Winamp2-js is an HTML5 and Javascript version of Winamp 2.9, a version that appeared in 2003. With this Winamp you can listen to music from your computer by dragging files and loading them in the browser or by finding them through the menu.

Users can make adjustments, and they have seven other skin types available. However, there are no known visual effects.

As far as the original Winamp is concerned, the internet site exists, but there is no information as to when and if a new version will appear. Many claim that old Winamp is not missing anything.

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