Samsung patented the dron

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Samsung has patented a dron with an integrated screen that can detect the face and eyes of a person, as well as its position and hand movements.

The patent presents a dron with a screen on the central part and four propellers, one at each corner, and the description states that the dron also has a camera and an observer system for transmitting information to the main control unit. The system can monitor the eyes, head, hands and fingers of users. The speed and direction of the drone can be controlled by head, arm or eye movements, and the dron can automatically track users without any additional movements.

The dron is shown laterally and is not limited to a four-propeller shape, but its shape can be changed.

The dron can also have a gyroscope, motion sensor, vibration system and / or accelerometer, voice recognition capability, and a positioning system based on GPS and WiFi. The patent was handed over on January 3, 2016, and was accepted on February 13 this year.

The sketches also show couplings and propellers that can change the direction of thrust. The angle of the screen can also be changed during the flight. Dron would own an obstacle detection unit and could automatically avoid them.

Samsung is not the only company that develops drones. Amazon has patented many concept drons, such as those that self-destruct in case of emergency situations.


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