Nokia and Vodafone: A common goal

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Nokia and Vodafone have teamed up and together with the German company PTScientists will establish a 4G network on the moon.

PTScientists is partnering with Audi’s rover development team to explore the surface of the Moon in 2019 and arrive at the Apollo 17 landing site. However, the new goal is to establish a 4G LTE mesh-based communications network to enable HD video streams from its surface to Earth.

The Vodafone base station will “communicate” with rovers while collecting photographs and images of the surface of the Moon. The aforementioned 4G network will use the 1800 MHz frequency to send HD video to the ALINA module, which will all be sent to the team in Berlin. Nokia works on network equipment that will be less than one kilogram.

The 4G network uses less power than the analogue radio and will allow the transfer of a larger amount of data between the rover and the ALINA module.

“We are happy that Vodafone has chosen us as a technology partner, this is an important mission to develop new technologies for use in space for networking, data processing and storage, and will also help in the advancement of the communication infrastructure needed by academics, industry and educational institutions in the exploration of the Moon “said Nokia official Marcus Weldon.

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