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Analyzing the Instagram Android APK file for Android has been found to contain a hidden portrait mode for the camera in its code.

The APK file contains a portrait camera portrait icon that will be included in the application and join other modes such as boomerang and superzoom. The AKP file contains the entire application code, including parts related to new features that are actively evolving, but are not yet activated.

Instagram’s portrait mode should allow you to create blurred background images, or enable the so-called bokeh effect and different lighting options. In order to activate the new mode, the user will probably need to start the camera in the application and select the appropriate mode with the sliding motion.

Devices such as the iPhone X and Pixel 2 already have portrait modes, so this move by Instagram will give the same option to users of older devices that are currently without the mentioned function.

The portrait mode was discovered by Ishan Agarwal, who had previously discovered the hidden capabilities of voice and video calling via Instagram.

If Instagram provides users with this mode, it will be even more attractive than Snapchat rivals, especially those who want the ability to make even better pictures.

In addition, Snapchat’s latest redesign has come under criticism from users, and Instagram could use the new camera mode to hook the last nail into the suitcase.

There is still no information when Instagram users will get a new feature.



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