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Google Lens is one of the more interesting and very useful Google’s options that have been reserved for Google’s Pixel phones, but this week they announced that Lens is available on all Android and Apple’s iPhone.

This option, based on artificial intelligence, “Google” introduced last year. This is a visual search engine, that is, a tool that analyzes everything displayed on the camera and, depending on what it is shown, takes certain actions.

For example, if you take pictures of buildings and sights, thanks to Google Lens, additional information about them will be displayed on your phone screen, if you are recording a flower, this application will show a potential flower name and immediately inform the user where the nearest florist is, whether you record a dog, will breed the breed, and if you record a business card, the information from this business card (name, phone number, address, etc.) will automatically be stored in the contacts. Another convenient feature of this tool is to connect to a WiFi reader’s code from a router.

Google Lens will only be able to be used with Google Photo on Android and iPhones, and it is first necessary to upgrade Google Photo to the latest version on Android, while Apple mobile users need to wait a little longer because this option will not be available immediately, but soon .

You can download the Google Photos app from Google Play to start using Google Lens on your Android device. The tool is touted to have an accuracy rate of over 95 percent. However, it may not be able to recognise all your photos since it’s currently available as a preview.

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